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Today at our consumers blog we are taking a closer look at the premium TED BAKER ROCKALL headphones.

Top 3 tips when buying Sencor TV

When looking for your next TV - be smart, choose Sencor

Sencor TV tips
Sencor TV - cheap and reliable

Sencor brand is getting quite popular these days and there are many consumers who prefer to spend less for their next TV when choosing less popular brand like Sencor

Last week we took a quick tour around the budget 32 inch Sencor SLE 3217TC which impressed with good build quality and very attractive price. I've spend few more days researching on the best Sencor TV too choose from, so here are my top 3 tips for you if purchasing new Sencor LED television:

Lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook T460 user review and experience

Lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook T460 is good but far from what Dell ultrabooks deliver these days

Lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook T460 review
Lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook T460

After using the business laptop Lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook T460 for almost a year, I would like to share my experience with you - the good, bad and the ugly.
I’ve received this ultrabook as a business laptop last year and since then, I have used it heavily almost every day. Below you can see the exact specifications of the laptop I am using:

Lenovo Ultrabook T460 specifications

339 mm x 232.5 mm x 21 mm
~ 1.7 kg
Intel Core i5 - 6300 U CPU @ 2.40 GHz
8 GB
512 GB Samsung SSD
Intel Integrated
14 inch HD anti-glare (1366 x 768)
Up to 14 Hours (23 WHr + 72 WHr)
720 p HD camera

Washing machine for the average consumer - Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC

Consumer review of washing machine Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC

Gorenje W6523/SC washing machine
Gorenje W6523/SC

In today’s review we will take a look at one of Gorenje’s washing machines - the 1200 rpm 6 kg model SensoCare W6523/SC.

We’ve had this washing machine for 3 months and have used it heavily so we’d like to share our experience and overall impressions with this Gorenje’s model. It has to be mentioned that this washing machine was on sale when we bought it so we got it for less than USD 300, and it’s still sold for that price range. This makes this washing machine middle range priced for the Gorenje product line - it’s not the cheapest one and by far not the most expensive one.

The washing machine is offered only in white, which in my opinion is the only acceptable color for a washing machine or a dryer, the inox ones just look wrong. The model is decided in slim option, which was very important for us when we were choosing our washing machine as it had to fit in a tight space. The exact dimensions are 60 cm wide, 44 cm deep and 85 cm tall. It features a LED display which shows the variety of water temperature, spin speed and remaining time for your washing cycle.

Top 3 reasons to buy the Sencor SLE 3217TC 32 inch HD LED TV

Budget 32 inch LED TV review - Sencor SLE 3217TC

Sencor SLE 3217TC HD LED TV
Sencor SLE 3217TC HD LED TV
While checking some new tech at the mall the other day I noticed there were some new brands around the store that I haven't heard before or at least I haven't used so far. One of these was the tech manufacturer Sencor who are thing are mostly popular with their kitchen appliances. But today we are not going to spend time talking about what is going on in the kitchen but review one of Sencor's cheap 32 inch LED TVs - the SLE 3217TC.
So here are the top 3 reason to buy the Sencor SLE 3217TC 32 inch HD LED TV
  1. It is cheap - you can find this TV for less than $250
  2. Acceptable picture quality - the HD image quality is good, especially for the price
  3. Sound - with the 2x 8W built-in stereo speakers this TV offers good sound quality and power levels

Top 2 competitors for the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Tefal Express 365030 toaster and  Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12 toaster are the biggest competitors for the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Tefal Express 365030 toaster
Tefal Express 365030 toaster

Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster is one of our latest kitchen appliances so I decided to research on few other options that could have been alternatives to our super nice looking toaster.
So here is the short list:

How to use the Samsung MS23F301TAS 23 liter ceramic microwave oven

Product review and short tutorial how to use the Samsung MS23F301TAS 23 liter ceramic microwave

Samsung MS23F301TAS
Samsung MS23F301TAS ceramic microwave oven
Hello dear readers and welcome back to our product review blog. Today I will share my impressions with one of our latest kitchen appliances that we bought prior to moving in our new apartment - the 23 liter ceramic microwave oven Samsung MS23F301TAS. My main drivers when choosing this oven were:
  • Very good looking - chrome/inox combined with dark glass and plastics, stylish and yet functional
  • Got it cheap - Under $100
  • The brand - Samsung are doing very well with their kitchen appliances recently
  • Compact - you can fit 3 cups or 2 bowls or 2 small plates inside yet the oven is not too big overall and fits well in our small kitchen
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